Dallas Psychologist

I am a Dallas based psychologist that provides counseling and psychotherapy to both individuals and couples.

If you would like more satisfaction out of life or would like your life to go in a different direction, psychotherapy / counseling could be right for you.

Psychotherapy / counseling may be used to address different issues such as those related to relationships, work, emotional life, traumas, life transitions, or lifestyle. It may also address subtle issues such as feeling more comfortable with yourself and more content with life.

Please feel free to call me to schedule a consultation or to discuss any questions you may have about psychotherapy or my practice.

Who Should Call?

Anyone who would like to:

  • increase their confidence
  • increase enjoyment and satisfaction with life
  • improve their relationships
  • remove internal barriers to happiness
  • stop repeating old patterns
  • improve work performance and satisfaction
  • take control of their life
  • feel more comfortable with themselves
  • relieve stress and find support
  • work through a difficult decision
  • live a healthier lifestyle
  • reduce tension and anxiety

If you have questions about whether psychotherapy or counseling could assist you, call to schedule a consultation.